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Hi, I’m Charmaine.

Ready to tell the story of the change you're making?

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Case studies and impact stories for superhero companies

I help sustainable and socially conscious companies share the stories that matter so they can build their brand, make more money and grow their impact.

  • Case studies feature the results you’ve helped your customers get while demonstrating your credibility and offering social proof
  • Impact stories share the good your company is doing with your customers, employees, suppliers and community, while building trust and support
  • Story strategy sessions help you figure out what stories to use and how to use them to showcase your impact and meet your business goals

The way I see it, you’re the superhero in our story, taking on some of the biggest challenges we face in the world today. And whether you’re creating products that do good or running a business that cares about more than the bottom line, I’m here to help you succeed.

Even superheros are allowed to ask for help, after all.

I’ve got your back. Put my 10+ years of experience to work for you and let’s grow your good business together.

Ready to tell the story of the change you're making?

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Kind words from good clients

"Charmaine dove into the project and really understood the big picture of what I was trying to achieve. She's fantastic to work with and goes beyond what's expected to achieve results."
‒ Allison Murray
CEO, Upswing Solutions

"Hire her over and over again. Trust Charmaine to tell stories in beautiful ways and stay on top of small details at the same time."
‒ Michelle Jackson
Senior Director of Content, GLC

"Charmaine wrote a case study for us that exceeded our expectations. She made sure she was clear about our objective for the content and message and gave us ideas of how we can use it."
‒ Pam Cooley
President, CarShareHFX

"Charmaine has a talent for wrapping bigger issues into personal tales and gets to the core of the matter. A great storyteller and writer."
‒ Alice Evans
Executive Director, The Club Inclusion