Charmaine Dymond photoHi, I’m Charmaine, and I’m a writer who wants to help you change the world.

(Oh, so just a small ambition, then?)

The way I see it, you’re the superhero in our story. Whether you’re creating products that do good, delivering services that help people, campaigning for positive change, or publishing stories that make an impact, I’m here to help you succeed.

Smart and engaging content and powerful storytelling can help you connect with your audience and achieve your goals. But if you’re too busy saving the world to write – or you’re feeling like that blank white screen is mocking you – it might be time to call in some back-up.

Even superheros are allowed to ask for help, after all. Just call me your trusty sidekick.

"Charmaine has an ability to make the most complex of information seem clear. Her attention to detail and ability to advocate for the reader are exemplary, and I have always appreciated her friendly, professional approach."
Clare McKitrick
Head of Marketing, Mencap

Why work with me?

When you work with me, you get clean, clear and thoughtful content, plus a writer who:

  • makes sure to understand your audience and capture your voice
  • has strong research and reporting skills
  • approaches each project with curiosity and enthusiasm
  • is here to make your life easier
  • takes her work seriously but not herself

You also get a partner who’s committed to your success and a fellow do-gooder who understands what’s at stake.

What’s the next step?

Contact me to set up a free consultation to see how we can work together. I’d love to hear from you!

"In her writing for Halifax Magazine, Charmaine has shown herself to be a reliable and conscientious contributor, crafting stories that show a solid understanding of the magazine and its readership."
Trevor Adams
Senior Editor, Halifax Magazine

More about me

I believe that words and stories have a powerful role to play in making our world a better place, and I’m thrilled to be a part of that.

I started freelancing back in 2001 while living in London, England after I left my 9-5 career in the non-profit world looking for something different. Different, but also kind of the same, turns out. The same do-good desire that moved me to work for awesome organizations with heart also kicked in once I started freelancing and I realized that – of course – I would keep doing my bit by working with non-profits and purpose-driven businesses.

I now live in Halifax, Canada and spend my time writing for social change businesses, non-profit organizations, and consumer, trade and custom publications. I guess you could call me a versatile writer.

I try to do my bit by volunteering in my community and by encouraging a love of giving back in my children. I’m an active member of a local private refugee sponsorship group.

My love of to-do lists has found a new crush with bullet journals. When I’m not busy ticking things off my list, I’m probably hanging out with my husband and two silly sons, pretending I know how to knit, or watching way too much Netflix. (No judging!)

Please do get in touch. I’d love to hear from you.

"Charmaine, in her first time working with us, seemed to understand the charity straight away and produced exactly what we wanted. She took an existing letter and made it much more powerful. I hope to be working with her again in the future."
Natalie Madigan
Senior Marketing Fundraiser, SeeAbility